NSW Air - "Learn To Fly"

NSW Air Pty Ltd is the Premier Pilot Training Organisation in southern Sydney. We are a small, highly professional flight training organisation operating from Illawarra Regional Airport, 1 hour south of Sydney. We cater for the training needs of those who aspire to a career in aviation as Commercial Pilots and Airline Pilots as well as the training and advancement of Private Pilots seeking the enjoyment of aviation for recreation. We also provide Scenic Flights, Corporate and Private Charter services for those who require an aircraft at their disposal and on call.

Located at Illawarra Regional, 15 minutes south of Wollongong. More about NSW Air...

Pilot Training

NSW AIR provides professional pilot training to a wide variety of people. The flight school caters for many training levels, from private and recreational students to those aspiring to be in command of airline jets.

Scenic Tours & Joy Flights

NSW Air will take you flying 7 days a week in fair weather along some of the most beautiful coastline in Australia. The Scenic Tours and Joy Flights take off from Albion Park and fly north to Sydney or south to Jervis Bay. 

Charter Operations

Chartering an aircraft with NSW Air, gives you your own aircraft. You set the schedule, you decide the destination, just sit back, relax and read the paper while your experienced pilot flies you to your destination.